7 Easy Ways To Become Famous In A Year

Grigore Eduard
5 min readMar 31, 2021

There are two types of fame: notoriety and infamy. There’s “15 minutes of fame” and “long-term fame.” Actors and actresses are well-known. Any of them are well-known. Barack Obama is well-known, and he has been President of the United States for a long time. Osama Bin Laden was infamous, and he got his 15 minutes of fame before he was killed. Anyone will gain fame, whether for good or bad reasons. Many people can gain 15 minutes of fame by making a YouTube video of hundreds of thousands of views.

However, there is a certain type of celebrity. It isn’t really global celebrity, as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg have. Within a niche, though, it can be local, international, and then national renown. And fame will bring with it prestige, authority, and money, whether it comes from a business plan, a wise investment in a startup or IPO, book sales, or something else entirely.

If you wish to become a niche star, the first step is to develop yourself as a credible source for others. This suggests that you execute the following actions:

  • Without thinking about making money or supporting yourself or your business, inspire, entertain, and teach others.
  • Rather than becoming a faceless organization, be a human human.
  • Don’t try to be “more” than others; instead, try to be supportive, polite, and humble.
  • Engage others on a daily basis, especially influencers. Spending time with influencers will make you one as well.
  • If you excel, don’t be the first to brag; instead, continue to share the things you’ve learned and encourage others to follow in your footsteps. If you don’t excel on your first try, don’t be shy about admitting your mistake. Rather than attempting to be superhuman, there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes and laughing about them.

Brands are no longer mainly spread by goods and services. They are disseminated by celebrities on social media and in the press.

It’s almost as if we’ve gone back in time to when storekeepers had one-on-one relationships with all of their clients. Of course, these can no longer be face-to-face relationships, but they can still be solid. Relationships are essential to today’s digital customers.

Grigore Eduard